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Occasionally, there are water main breaks on St. Armands, or other events leading to a boil water advisory.  Unlike with the county, it appears that the city just uses a hang tag (pictured below) to alert affected residents, and does not also do any sort of press release, website update, robo-call, text alert, email notification, etc...

As an example, on January 25, 2024, the city provided the following information about one such water main break:  

This was apparently caused by the crane that FPL had on the site to replace/install the power pole. [City] Utilities was not doing any work in the area. The weight of the crane broke the 3” AC water main. Our on call guys were able to get a wrap on the broken main but it was actually broken in two places. We’ve got a section of pipe and hymax couplings out there now and should have water back on within the hour. We’ll issue a boil water notice once the repair is completed.

Click here for the city webpage with more information on water-related issues.

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