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"For the grand opening of the Ringling Estates, the Czechoslovakian National Band played two concerts a day in the band shell on Harding Circle [St. Armands]. The band was brought here from New York by Ringling". (Source: Sarasota History Alive)

More information about the Czecho-Slovakian Band can be found here.

March 13, 2015

Sarasota Magazine Article:  Czecho-Slovakian Band Played Significant Role

July 14, 2021

March 21, 2022

Tom Leonard of Shore presents updated amphitheater concept to City Commission.  Commission votes 5-0 to instruct City Staff to determine the viability of this concept at the St. Armands Circle Park.  A large number of St. Armands residents spoke against the carousel and in favor of the amphitheater or in leaving the park alone.

      • Link to video:  click here
      • This agenda items starts at 7:36:25 (fast forward to 7 hours, 36 minutes, 25 seconds)
      • Public input starts at 7:45:15 (7 hours, 45 minutes, 15 seconds)
      • The vote to instruct staff to investigate is at 8:24:10 (8 hours, 24 minutes, 10 seconds)

It was discussed during the meeting that the Circle Park is in the National Historic Registry and that it's therefore possible that nothing may be installed there:

March 28, 2022

Florida Bureau of Historic Preservation determination that Amphitheater Concept would not be compatible with the Circle Park's historic designation:  click here

October-November 2022

2022 Member Survey Results

90% agree or strongly agree that the John Ringling and Circus history and themes featured around St. Armands Circle should be valued and preserved. (n=147)

November 29, 2022

City Attorney issues memo explaining why the City can't permanently take away a public right-of-way. (The Circle Park is a public right-of-way). The memo says that the continued private use of public land would be illegal.

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