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Sarasota County Property Appraiser information:  click here

The St. Armands garage bonds are callable on 10/1/2027 at par.

The following news articles document the St. Armands Parking Garage development.

November 5, 2018

Backup Material from a Regular City Commission Meeting regarding the burying of power lines along John Ringling Blvd between Coon Key Bridge and St. Armands Circle:  click here

August 30, 2022

Email from City Manager to City Commissioners regarding unsolicited offer from Sunrise Capital Investors to purchase the St. Armands Parking Garage AND the Fillmore Parking Lot:  click here - Letter of Intent:  click here

September 6, 2022

On the same day, there were both Special and Regular Meetings of the City Commission Meeting.  The Regular Meeting was temporarily paused, then there was the Special Meeting, and then the Regular Meeting resumed.

    • Link to video of Special Meeting:  click here
    • Sunrise Capital Investors speak about their offer:  fast forward to 0:03:50  (0 hours, 3 minutes, 50 seconds)
    • Link to video of Regular Meeting:  click here
    • City Manager responds that no offer will be presented to the City Commission unless it is accompanied by an appraisal:  fast forward to 7:15:12 (7 hours, 15 minutes, 12 seconds)

It's been reported to us that, on the site of the parking garage, there used to be an older, two story parking garage, and, before that, a water tower.

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