St. Armands

Residents Association


St. Armands Key offers visitors some free parking along the medians of Blvd of Presidents and several paid parking options including metered parking spaces around the Circle, the Fillmore Dr surface parking lot, and the award-winning St. Armands Parking Garage. 

Some of the St. Armands parking options are or have been funded, in whole or in part, by ad valorem assessments to the commercial property owners which typically get passed on to the merchants due to the terms of their triple net leases.

The City's Bay Runner Trolley Service and micro-mobility options (electric scooters and bicycles) are intended to alleviate the need for more parking.  

St. Armands residential streets are limited to one hour parking, except on Sundays.  The following picture shows parking on a residential street on a Sunday during an art festival.  It's almost impossible for two cars to pass, let alone an emergency vehicle:

St. Armands Residents Association

P.O. Box 2482, Sarasota, FL  34230

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