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The Wells Fargo bank's lease of the property at 300 Madison Dr (SC-PA link) will cease December 2024.   Unlike the businesses on the actual St. Armands Circle which are zoned CT (Commercial Tourist), this property is zoned CG (Commercial General), which means a much greater number of uses are allowed there by right, subject to the height limitation of the City's Coastal Islands Overlay District.  There is also some concern that Florida's new Live Local Act could allow a too-tall and too-dense affordable housing development to be built there.  Regardless, the future use of this property could have a tremendous impact on the residential experience for all, or at least this portion, of St. Armands.

2023 Annual Member Survey

What position would you like our Association to take regarding the possibility of a large, affordable rental apartment building on the Wells Fargo lot?  (n=151)

3% Support

7% Remain Neutral

9% Don't know / not sure

81% Oppose

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